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Justin Bieber hates British weather and food

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Justin Bieber finds England "depressing".

The Canadian teen singing sensation is presently in the UK to promote his new album 'My Worlds Acoustic', but doesn't get on so well with the cold winter weather or food.

He said: "I couldn't live here because the weather is very depressing. But I like the girls! The food I don't like really."

However, the 16-year-old star enjoys hearing English accents, and thinks they lend themselves particularly well to festive songs.

He explained: "'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer' sounds better in an English accent though."

As he is currently in Britain, the 'Baby' hitmaker stayed up until the early hours of this morning (02.12.10)) in order to hear the Grammy Awards nominations be announced in the US, but after learning he will compete for Best New Artist and Best Pop Album for 'My World', he insists his decision to sacrifice sleep was the right one.

He told BBC Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton: "I was up until about 5am this morning, straight through. I found out in the middle of the night, at around 3.30am that I'm nominated for two Grammys.

"It's amazing, I'm so excited. Last night I was just freaking out, because my whole life I've just wanted to win a Grammy, now that I have that opportunity it is crazy. I have a good feeling about it, never say never."

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