"I was first Monkeys fan," says Radcliffe

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe claims he was the first big fan of the Arctic Monkeys.

The 16-year-old said he has been talking them up for months. "Everybody is jumping on the Arctic Monkeys bandwagon but I was the first to rave about them," said the child star. "I saw them at the Reading Festival last year and whenever somebody asked me in an interview who my favourite band was, I always said the Arctics.

"Everyone said: 'Oh you're so cool, who are they?' No one had seemed to have heard of them," he continued. "Now everyone is claiming they knew all along. All my friends are saying, 'We've got the album' and they are pretending to be cool but this wasn't the story six months ago."

The teen went on to express his anger at sharing his Monkey's admiration. "It gets really annoying when you think you've found a band that's yours," he explained. "That's really personal and amazing and now everybody is claiming them as their own. I'm Arctic Monkeys fan 001."


haha. get over it.