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Green Hornet Press Conference in Madrid

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Green Hornet co-stars Christoph Waltz, Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz and director Michel Gondry appeared today in Madrid for the first press photocall of The Green Hornet.

Rogen and Chou star as Britt Reid and Kato, respectively, in the remake of the popular TV series which originally starred Bruce Lee. Waltz stars as Chudnofsky, the villain mastermind who is hell-bent on keeping control of the crime in the city. Diaz is Lenore Lewis, the love interest and secretary for Britt Reid.

While the production of the film could best be described as "troubled", with both cast turnover and director turnover (Stephen Chow and Nicholas Cage were both linked at one point then dropped out), and rumors abounded that Sony Pictures were less than happy with the finished product and conversion to 3-D, the film is scheduled to release on January 14th and test screenings have been highly positive.

More photos of Christoph Waltz under the cut:


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