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Katy Perry uses blasphemy after 'Teenage Dream' Album of the Year nod

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Apparently using blasphemy as entertainment isn't so cheap after all.

Katy Perry was so surprised by her Grammy nomination for Album of the Year for "Teenage Dream" that she issued a religious expletive when the host of "The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!!" questioned her during the show Wednesday night.

"Are you feeling some Grammy love tonight?"
LL Cool J asked Perry, who was seated in the audience wearing a revealing metallic gold dress.

"Hell yes!" she blurted out, before adding, "Excuse me, sorry CBS."

She then held her hands up in a prayer motion and thanked her peers for the nomination.

During the concert, the 25-year-old pop star didn't shy away from impious behavior, engaging in some graphic choreography while performing "California Gurls." While singing the line "so hot/will melt your Popsicle," she gesticulated wildly towards her groin area.

Pulling an about-face after the ceremony, Perry ended her post-Grammy tweet fest with the simple hashtag "#GOD."
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