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NEW BAND ALERT: Tayisha Busay Re-Releases EP As Free Download

Before Ke$ha spread glitter all over America, electropop trio Tayisha Busay was spreading it all over NYC!  You may remember back in the summer when Tayisha Busay released their video for "WTF U Doin in My Mouth".  Described by Gawker as "a nonsensical explosion of glittery fun"  and LOGO as "the party we all wish had been invited to" the trio band spent the whole summer and fall spreading their glittery f-bombs all over New York City and the North East. They're now re-releasing their debut EP as a free download so give yourself the sparkly xmas gift of free new music to party to this winter.  Word on the street is that Girl Talk has tapped them as an opening act for his upcoming tour in the Spring so get your glitter and lashes ready for a wild ride.

Click to go to Download Page

Love watching these guys play in Brooklyn. Even went down to DC to see them do a show with JD Samson's new band MEN and I was covered in glitter and silly string for days. They're playing at The Delancey on Dec. 9th for their "Homo for the Holidays" Party so all u ONTD New Yorkers come check em out!


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