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Julian Lennon Buys Beatles Songs on iTunes


Julian Lennon
isn't surprised that more than 2 million Beatles songs have already sold on iTunes. In fact, he's been one of the fans doing the buying.

"Believe it or not I am," Lennon, the eldest son of rock legend John Lennon and the subject of  "Hey Jude," told Niteside. "To me they are the biggest band in the world, always have been. I am probably one of their No. 1 fans."

He added, "Anybody that can last that long, for generations, and probably more to go…hats off."

Lennon -- who made his Art Basel debut at the Adrienne Arsht Center last night with his landscape photography exhibition "Timeless" -- hasn't been back to Miami since performing with his band 20 years ago.

"When I was here back then,  I really didn't get to see much," he said.  "This time, after all the work is done, I am actually looking forward to looking around, not only Miami, but the other exhibits."

Set to release his latest album, "Everything Changes," next year, Lennon has also been photographing other rock stars, including U2, whose portraits were included in the current exhibit. But don't expect to see those with a price tag like the others, at least not until he knows what Bono has in mind for them. 

"I wanted to show some of the repertoire just to give people another side of the work I do," said Lennon, whose exhibit will run through Dec. 5. "[U2] liked them so much, they just asked me to hold back. We may want to use some down the road, whether it's a booklet or a poster, but I am holding off on those out of respect for the boys."


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