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Nicki Minaj ‘made Rihanna duet happen’

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Nicki Minaj was adamant she would do a track with Rihanna and “manifested” their duet, the rapper’s producer says.

Upcoming star Nicki has just released her debut album Pink Friday, following a great deal of acclaim on the musical underground.

The LP sees her team up with Barbadian sensation Rihanna on the track Fly.

Its producer, J.R. Rotem, who has helmed offerings from Britney Spears, says Nicki got the collaboration in motion.

Rotem said the original version of Fly featured a backing singer - but the pink-haired hip-hop artist wanted a more familiar voice.

Then, after a succession of emails, he revealed the hook up was complete.

"It took time because she [Rihanna] was promoting her own album and travelling overseas," Rotem told MTV. "It happened, and I heard it when Nicki gave me the record and it really was one of those incredible things that was really a blessing. It manifested. She said she wanted it and it happened."

At first, Rotem admits he attempted to dissuade the 25-year-old from trying to contact Rihanna. Yet he says he knew she was determined.

"I think that speaks to Nicki's star power. I said, 'Yeah, she's definitely first choice,’”
he added.

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