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Fucking dumbass defends another fucking dumbass on Twitter

This is why idiotic celebrities SHOULD NOT HAVE TWITTER

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Untalented moron Paulina Rubio, known for her 2nd grade grammar and spelling on Twitter (she didn't finish High School, by the way) proved once again just how stupid she is by defending on Twitter fellow useless airhead/Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado who recently tweeted a prayer for the two Chinas, instead of North Korea and South Korea. Alicia then deleted her account after people called her out on her dumbassery.

Paulina offered the following words of wisdom:

"Leave Alicia alone. All Japanese people look the same and China is a very big country".

After the backlash she cowardly deleted her tweet but several news outlets are already reporting it.

Alicia Machado finally spoke out after deleting her Twitter account, and she was just as idiotic as Paulina, if not more. This, believe it or not, was her excuse:

"I didn't make a mistake and I'm not stupid. I know both countries; I've been there. It was just a funny way to refer to the entire Asian continent. Like when we say 'Look at that Gringo' and turns out that he's Canadian. We call Chinese to everyone who looks Asian. That's what I meant."

Idiots like you and the one above you might do that, Alicia. Not all of us Latinos make the same mistakes. Latinos are the ones making fun of both you on Twitter. Grab a fucking book or a newspaper already, you middleaged busted trollops.

sources: http://elcomercio.pe/espectaculos/677105/noticia-paulina-rubio-defendio-asi-alicia-machado-todos-japoneses-se-parecen-china-muy-grande
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