Winona Ryder apologizes to Natalie Portman

Winona Ryder sent a message of apology to Natalie Portman after filming "Black Swan". The 39-year-old actress admits she struggled with portraying the bad temper and cruel nature of ousted prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre in the forthcoming psychological thriller, and hated the thought of having to be unkind to her co-star.

"I wrote to Natalie and got her something when I had finished filming, saying 'I'm so sorry I had to say all those horrible things,' " she said. "The scene where I trash my dressing room was my last scene. I remember my first boyfriend used to smash everything - at 18 everything is dramatic."

"So I took an Evian bottle and tried to break it really meekly. I couldn't do it and then he made fun of me. And even in that dressing room scene I was like, 'Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!' "

Despite portraying a ballerina in the film, Winona was grateful not to have to take dance lessons for the role because of a bad experience she had when she was younger. She explained to Total Film magazine, "I just had to do all those poses for the poster that was in the movie but Natalie trained for a year."

"I took one class when I was little and I remember the woman was so mean. I started crying and never went back."

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