The number seven in Harry Potter


-Molly and Arthur Weasley had seven children.
-Ginny Weasley is the seventh child of Molly and Arthur.
-Ginny Weasley is the first girl born to the Weasleys in seven generations.
-Thaddeus Thurkell had seven children, all Squibs.
-Walter Parkin has seven children.
-Children go to school at Hogwarts for seven years.
-There are seven floors at Hogwarts.
-In the wizarding world, wizards and witches come of age at the age of seventeen, instead of eighteen.
-Harry Potter paid 7 Galleons for his wand.
-There are seven hundred fouls in Quidditch.
-There are seven players on a Quidditch team.

-There are seven puzzles leading up to the Philosopher’s Stone:
1.Hagrid’s pet, Fluffy
2.Sprout’s Devil’s Snare
3.Flitwick’s flying keys
4.McGonagall’s giant chess set
5.Quirrell’s troll
6.Snape’s Potions
7.The Mirror of Erised

-In the Philosopher’s Stone, Hermione says that the spell ‘Alohomora’ was in “The Standard Book of Spells” chapter 7.

-Seven entities were attacked by the Basilisk during the 1992–1993 school year:
1.Mrs. Norris
2.Colin Creevey
3.Justin Finch-Fletchley
4.Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington
5.Hermione Granger
6.Penelope Clearwater
7.Harry Potter

-There are 7 snakes on the door of the Chamber of secrets.

-Only seven people knew where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was before the Basilisk within was killed.
1.Salazar Slytherin
2.Tom Riddle
4.Harry Potter
5.Ron Weasley
6.Ginny Weasley
7.Gilderoy Lockhart

-There are seven registered Animagi of the 20th century:
1.Minerva McGonagall — Tabby cat
2.Unidentified witch — Cat
3.and other 5 unknown animagi — Forms unknown

-The Marauder’s Map shows seven secret passages out of the school.
-From the Great Hall, Harry, Ron, and Hermione climb seven staircases to reach the tower that houses Professor Trelawney’s classroom at the top.
-There are seven locks on the chest that Mad-Eye Moody is locked in.
-Out of the nine members of the Order of the Phoenix in the Advance Guard Harry hadn’t already been acquainted with seven of them beforehand.
-The mother of Blaise Zabini had been married seven times as of 1996.
-In 1996, while brewing the Draught of Living Death in a Potions class, Harry followed the alternate instructions in the Half-Blood Prince’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making, by stirring his potion once clockwise after every seventh stir counter-clockwise. This helped him achieve much better results than the standard instructions, and earn Slughorn’s praise.

-Voldemort made seven Horcruxes, even though he believed that six Horcruxes would create a seven-fragment soul (including the piece of soul in his body).
1.Tom Riddle’s Diary
2.Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring
3.Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem
4.Salazar Slytherin’s Locket
5.Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup
6.Harry Potter(unintentionally and unknown to Voldemort)

-There are seven “Potters” during the Battle over Little Whinging:
1.Harry Potter
2.Ron Weasley
3.Hermione Granger
4.Fred Weasley
5.George Weasley
6.Fleur Delacour
7.Mundungus Fletcher

-There are also seven conflicts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
1.The Battle over Little Whinging
2.Infiltration of the Ministry of Magic
3.The Attack at Godric’s Hollow
4.Ambush at the Lovegood House
5.The Battle of Malfoy Manor
6.Break-In of Gringotts Wizarding Bank
7.The Battle of Hogwarts

-Seven prisoners escape from Malfoy Manor:
1.Mr. Ollivander
2.Luna Lovegood
3.Dean Thomas
5.Harry Potter
6.Hermione Granger
7.Ron Weasley

-Harry Potter escaped death at the hands of Lord Voldemort seven times before finishing him off:
1.In Godric’s Hollow in 1981
2.Over the Philosopher’s Stone while Voldemort was in control of Quirinus Quirrell
3.In the Chamber of Secrets in 1993
4.In Little Hangleton in 1995
5.During the Battle of the Department of Mysteries
6.During the Battle over Little Whinging
7.During the Battle of Hogwarts

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