Top Chef Yigit Pura Wants to Open S.F. Dessert Shop with Winnings

Our moment with San Francisco's Yigit Pura, winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts, got stretched out a bit longer. We grabbed a phone this morning to ask the Taste Catering pastry chef all our sugar-torching questions.

SFoodie: We saw you on Watch What Happens Live last night and saw that you took Top Chef Fan Favorite, bringing your total winnings up to $110,000. Before we ask you what you're going to do with the money, where did you take your sister and friends out to dinner after the finale?

Pura: We wanted to go to Range, but they were actually booked. Didn't want to name-drop or anything so we went to Maverick instead and had a great meal.

Okay, and now how are you going to spend the rest of your money?

Definitely want to open a high-end concept dessert shop in San Francisco.

When you aren't making desserts, where do you like to satisfy your sweet tooth in this city?

I have such a sweet tooth ― my friends often make fun of me. I really like ice cream, and Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous on Third is so creamy and fresh. It's made every day.

Also, my friend's chocolate-dipped graham crackers. Kika's Treats sold at Bi-Rite, Dean and Deluca, and more. All I need is that and a glass of milk. Nothing wrong with that.

I thought I was a genius when I saw that Team Go Diva! spelled out Godiva, was that intentional?

That's exactly how it came about. Zac and I were stuffing our faces with chocolate and kept saying, "Godiva," "Go-di-va," and eventually got to "Go Diva."

It seems as the season progressed, you got sweeter, Zac got funnier, Morgan got jerkier, and Seth and Danielle got crazier. What was the biggest transformation that you saw?

Perhaps it started like a first date and then as the relationship grew you saw people's true character. We were all under stress and people were different ― no one in particular. I called Zac "Zaction" because he was always on the go and moving. One disappointing thing was watching the show and seeing how many ill remarks Morgan made about other contestants. I had a sense of that but it was different watching it all.

After everyone heard you say you make chocolate soufflés for your boyfriend (*melt*), we are all dying to know if you are now single? (*fingers crossed* *legs uncrossed*) And were you surprised that you were shown topless?

Yes, currently I am very single. I had an inkling that he [Bravo's Andy Cohen] might [show me topless]. It was a cute touch.