Fan Throws Condom At Joe Jonas + They're Having More Fun Without Demi


When it comes to the mega music machine that is the Jonas Brothers, the show must go on…even when the opening act has a meltdown at the airport and is sent off to rehab. However, the mood on the Jonas Brothers tour seems to have taken a turn since their pal Demi packed her bags…

And it’s a turn for the best! The Job Bros have been finishing up their Camp Rock 2 world tour with shows in Argentina, and the boys seem to be looking like their usual goofy selves while performing for sold out crowds. Before, things seemed strained between brothers Nick and Joe Jonas, and the overall mood on tour was sullen. But that’s all changed recently. Videos have surfaced of the boys dancing onstage and having a good time while performing. There’s even a hilarious video of Joe getting a condom thrown at him! Younger bro Nick was laughing so hard, he could barely get through the song — and fans have been tweeting their reactions to seeing the guys on stage, and it’s been nothing but happy feedback!

Did Demi’s “physical and emotional” issues put more of a strain on the band of brothers than they originally led on? Kevin, Joe, and Nick have kept tight lipped on their feelings toward their Camp Rock 2 costar, but with Joe’s chipper mood on Twitter (he tweeted “Tomorrow night is going to be one of the best days of my life” Nov. 12) and his recent lovey-dovey actions toward girlfriend Ashley Greene, it might be safe to say that a huge weight has been lifted off of the middle Jo Bro’s shoulders.

As for the other two, we can only assume that if one Jonas Brother is happy, then the rest follow. Check out the hilarious video of Joe getting a condom to the face (around the 1:47 mark) and Nick’s priceless reaction!

Bonus! Joe's texting while driving campaign:

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