Something uncommon but not unusual (redleigh86) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Something uncommon but not unusual

Another good book ruined

(Don't attack, this is my first post!)

While this isn't exactly brand-new news, the movie Blood and Chocolate (, based off of the excellently entertaining werewolf book by Annette Curtis Klause, has finished filming.

PLOT: With the Five on her tail, a young beautiful werewolf named Vivian (Bruckner) seeks peace in the arms of Aiden (Dancy) while escaping the never-ending infatuation Gabriel (Martinez) has on her. But when a string of accidental murders happen, this threatens to rip and expose her pack apart.

Starring Agnes Bruckner (as Vivien), Hugh Dancy (Aiden), and Olivier Martinez (Gabriel) in the main roles, this movie promises to suck but in return will offer some rather nice eye candy, in the attempt to lure pre-teen girls and boys to see a movie based on a book they've probably never even heard of.

(Yes, I am slightly bitter... and yet I can't find it in my heart to hate Galahad/Prince Char)

source: ME and Oh and HughDancyFAN for the piccy (don't you just love it?).
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