Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Sex Life on Hold?

The fabulous Katie Holmes and her hubby to be Tom Cruise may have put their sex life on hold a report suggests.

If the number one movie money maker and his bride to be follow the reported Scientology guidelines, the sex is off for the duration of the pregnancy according to 'In Touch.'

The story notes:

"An insider" tells In Touch Weekly that Tom Cruise "has put the brakes on their lovemaking." It turns out that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard "wrote that a mother-to-be shouldn't engage in sex because it could negatively impact the baby."

Ben notes, "Poor Katie's missing out." Wouldn't it be Cruise that was missing out?

Also reported:

In a sidebar, the tab informs readers that, "Enjoying sex during pregnancy is normal," offering this biological and anthropological proof:

"In a Playboy interview, Jenny McCarthy said she was 'raging horny' while expecting—a common feeling for moms-to-be."


--Jennifer Cox - National Ledger

I just realized that a few months ago there was a rumor that Katie Holmes had a miscarriage. It was never confirmed, but, maybe that explains the variation in the bump. Maybe she was really pregnant and she did have a miscarriage and now they are just pretending the pregnancy is going on. They could easily adopt. And on top of it, now Tom doesn't have to pretend to have sex with her! Wow, I just reread that, that's a really out there theory. I've been reading ONTD too long.