The truth about Lady Gaga's Croatian flag stunt


The girl who threw the Slovenian flag on stage later caused some resentment among the Croats, Slovenian portal 24ur can exclusively reveal.

'I was in the first row on the end of the catwalk, one and a half feet from the stage. I knew that before 'Telephone', Gaga would come very close and talk to the audience, which has been the case in other concerts so far. Before she reached the end of the stage, I threw the flag.

I threw it right where she was. One of the dancers picked up the flag, because she probably hadn't seen it.
Once the dancer had given her flag, she turned her back and wrapped it around her. She didn't even look at the flag . Unfortunately, after 2 seconds she took it off" recalls the lucky Slovenian girl

*roughly translated from Croatian.
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