Fragmented (frakkthat) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Paris may take off....

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The Sun UK says that Warner Brothers records has put millions behind the debut album of Paris Hilton and have made her an international priority for the spring. They have even hired A-List only songwriter Cathy Dennis, who wrote Toxic for Britney Spears and Cant Get You Out Of My Head for Kylie Minogue, just to name a few. The Sun says:

"Her debut album is set to feature a track called My Mistake – recorded about the famous sex footage of the heiress and her boyfriend which took the internet by storm."

Dear God. Isn't this joke about over. If you had told me 5 years ago that we would still be inflicted with Paris Hilton stories every day, I would have kicked you in the nuts and then tattled on you for scaring me. And after hearing this dumb bitch speak, it seemed you would have an easier time raping a bobcat then you would turning this bony tramp into a pop star. But I guess if you throw enough money at a project, you can buy a certain level of success. Which is why Paris springs for the real Valtrex, none of those generics for her!

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