The Clinton-lovin' Communist (theclamsman) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

Warner Bros. reconsiders Frey film.

LOS ANGELES, CA, United States (UPI) -- Author James Frey`s confession that he made up parts of his best-seller 'A Million Little Pieces' has Warner Bros. reconsidering plans to make a film version.

Frey admitted on 'Oprah' Thursday he fabricated sections of his alleged memoir. In light of his admission, Warner Bros. says it is taking another look at its plans, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

'We`re re-evaluating our position on what to do,' Warner Bros. President Alan Horn said Friday. 'Obviously, we watch `Oprah` and, like everybody else, we`re aware of the change in authenticity of this piece.'

Warner won a bidding war for the book in 2003 and paid a $125,000 option, with an additional $420,000 payout if the movie is shot, sources told the Times. Frey was paid an additional $150,000 to write the screenplay.

Oprah Winfrey helped make Frey`s book about his addictions and recovery a best-seller when she chose it for her book club last fall. However, an investigation by The Smoking Gun revealed large chunks of the book were exaggerated or fabricated.

Plans had called for filming of 'A Thousand Little Pieces' to start this spring.


Dump it, I say. Hollywood will never find an actor fey enough to play Frey anyway.
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