Black Swan: Stylish Oscar Promo & Website Easter Egg

Oscar Promo Is for the a Good Way

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It’s not useful, like the screeners that arrive in the mail every few days. Or informative, like the lists of awards-season screenings detailing all the many ways I can catch up with each and every contender. Or fancy like the “How to Train Your Dragon” coffee table book, or useful like the “Tron” USB hub, or cute like the stuffed Woody from “Toy Story 3.”

The envelope that arrived on Wednesday in a plain black envelope was, instead, odd and minimalist and at least initially inexplicable.

It appeared to be handwritten, from a “Nina Sayers” with a Beverly Hills post office box.

And inside was, at first glance, only a single white feather.

When I looked closer, it turned out that was only the half of it: the envelope also contained a black feather, which was harder to see in the black envelope.

But no card, no piece of paper, nothing to indicate why Nina Sayers was sending me a couple of feathers.

Of course, after a modicum of thought I realized that there is this Oscar-contending movie coming out soon...and its lead character, played by Natalie Portman, is a ballerina who’s desperate to land the lead in a production of “Swan Lake” in which the principal dancer is being asked to play both the white swan and the black swan … and that ballerina’s name is Nina.

It’s a movie about swans, and dualities, and good and evil and black and white, and things you don’t initially understand.

So for now, “Black Swan” takes the prize for the oddest and most imaginative Oscar promotional mailing I’ve seen this season. - The Wrap

Mysterious 'Black Swan' Feathers in the Mail + Viral Site Update

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Ohhh boy, I love virals. I randomly found a black envelope in my mailbox today sent from a "Nina Sayers" in Beverly Hills. I instantly recognized the name, but was anxious to see what was inside. I opened it to find nothing but two feathers - one black, one white - and that's it. Hmm what could this be for? Maybe Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan! Yes, Nina Sayers is the character Natalie Portman plays in the movie and she's vying for the lead in Swan Lake, a ballet where her character changes from a white swan to a black swan, so it all makes sense. I found something hidden on the viral website, too!

A few weeks ago, Fox Searchlight launched a viral-ish interactive website for Black Swan called I Just Want To Be Perfect containing a calendar where small, creepy clips from the film would slowly be revealed in the final month before its release. Well, I was tipped by a reader that if you type in the word "Rothbart" while on that site, you'll see the letters pop up over the screen, and a secret clip will play. And hot damn, let me tell you, this is a clip you'll really want to see, if you know what I mean! Von Rothbart is the name of the wicked villain from Swan Lake, the opera that Nina is trying out for, hence why that word links to the clip.

I have a feeling this isn't the only word you can type in to find more clues on that site, but I've tried a couple and haven't had any other results yet. I suggest visiting the site and typing in "Rothbart" as well as any other Swan Lake/Black Swan names you can think of in case there are more clips hidden on the "Perfect" website. In the meantime, we'll definitely let you know if any other mysterious black envelopes arrive at HQ. - First Showing

If you want to discuss spoilers for the film my only request is that you put "SPOILERS" in the subject of your comment so people who want to remain unspoiled (like me) don't accidentally read it! Thanks! :)