Top 10 Best Happy Meal Toys

San Francisco, is limiting the release of toys in kid’s happy meals at McDonald’s to help discourage kids from eating the stuff. They’re not outright banning them, like they did in Santa Clara County, because kids like toys, and it’s a keystone in McDonald’s marketing. Instead, children will be able to “earn” them by choosing a meal that isn’t high in calories, which seems impossible because it is McDonald’s, but apparently you can replace the fries with apple slices.It probably won’t be long before this movement spreads throughout North America, and to all the other McDonald’s on the planet. So start snatching up the toys while you can, before they’re gone forever. Here’s a look at our top 10 favorite happy meal toys.

10. Transforming McDonald’s Food

Once in awhile, McDoink’s would release transforming versions of their food items, like fries that could turn into a robot, or a milkshake that could also turn into a robot. While they weren’t that cool, different variations started popping up like the Dino-Changers, where instead of robots, the food became dinosaurs. Maybe it’s about time they brought these back for a new generation.

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