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Stephen Fry is having a bad week :(

Poor Stephen Fry can't put a foot right. I think he should just chill. And whip his hair back and forth.

Screw Up #1: women hate sex / gays are sluts fiasco
Remember this post: Stephen Fry thinks women hate sex and gay men are promiscuous
Turns out it's bogus. He's never said anything like that. The article was originally posted by Pink News. Problme is, papers like Guardian are re-printing this article, much to Stephen's dismay.
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[EDIT:] Stephen Fry's week is about to get much worse, thanks to sincetomorrow.

Screw-Up #2: Stephen Fry Leaks Potter Pics On Twitter

Stephen Fry has faced the wrath of the producers of the final Harry Potter movie after leaking images of the film set on Twitter.
Fry dropped by while filming the Sherlock Holmes sequel on a neighbouring set.
The film-makers snapped after the spellbound star reportedly uploaded photos to show his 1.9 million followers the behind-the-scenes access he had enjoyed at Leavesden studios in Hertfordshire.
The actor dropped by while shooting scenes for a sequel to last year's Sherlock Holmes film on a neighbouring set.
One image showed Harry's Hogwarts school in ruins after it is destroyed in the 'Great Battle' between Harry Potter and his enemy Lord Voldemort, the Daily Telegraph reported.
The shots were soon taken down from Fry's Twitter page and he later tweeted: "Oops. I've been sent to the naughty step?"
The following day he tweeted: "Shall be a good boy on set today. *Sticks gaffer-tape over camera lens* Heigh ho."
*I searched high and low but couldn't find those epic twitpics anywhere. Sorry :([EDIT]YAAAY! Found them!Collapse )

Stephen Fry's Midlife Crisis thanks you for your time
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