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The Many Faces of American Idol's Rhonetta Johnson.

Has this been posted yet? Let me know.

American Idol's foul mouth hoochie-shaker Rhonetta Johnson is already a star in Charlotte, North Carolina - at least with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office.

Two months before the American Idol auditions rolled into Greensboro, North Carolina in October of 2005, Johnson was arrested in the Charlotte area. She was charged with DWI, driving with a revoked license, open container, and providing fictitious information to an officer which, given her rather dubious claim of being 5' 7" and 165 lbs, might account for the later charge.

Nearly two months after Simon, Paula, Randy, and Ryan left Greensboro, Rhonetta was arrested again. On November 26, 2005 she was charged with DWI and all the rest of the offenses previously listed and for good measure she added larceny, disorderly conduct, communicating threats, and resisting arrest into the mix. She also claimed to be two inches shorter (likely) and 30 lbs lighter (highly unlikely) than she was when arrested in August 2005. It's worth noting that she was also charged with providing fictitious information to an officer in the later arrest as well.

The last mugshot is for a November 2003 probation violation, where it also looks like she's got her own personal Ike Turner dishing out "tough love" musical training.

Since two DWI convictions are likely to leave Rhonetta with an impounded car and no chance at having a drivers license any time soon (which hasn't stopped her recently), she'll have to do a lot more street walking in the future. Based on her bombastic performance Tuesday's edition of American Idol one suspects that she will excel in that field...

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