Even though the second season of Jersey Shore drew to a close last week, the story of the Macaroni Rascals’ trip down to M.I.A. during the spring of 2010 has yet to be completed. After spotting some chatter in the comments section of our Jersey Shore Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown last week, we were able to track down the whereabouts of one Annabelle DeSisto, a Florida native and former Miss Teen Florida runner-up who cameoed on the second to last episode of the season. Along with her friend Lindsay, Annabelle met up with the Jersey Shore gang at the Miami superclub Space and ended up going back to the Metropole with The Situation, an evening which concluded with her putting Sitch in his place by exclaiming, “I never said anything about checkers, old man!”

So how did the 21 year-old DeSisto, an aspiring actress who was on Spring Break in Miami with her friends, end up with a brief yet memorable spot on the hottest show on TV? We phoned her on Friday and she gave us the whole, incredible behind-the-scenes story, starting with the Jersey Shore security spotting her while shopping and handing her VIP passes to party with the cast, then being prodded by producers later that night to “go up to [the cast]” even though, she says, “you’re not supposed to act like you know who they are.”

BEST WEEK EVER: So, tell us exactly how you ended up partying with the Jersey Shore cast in the first place.

ANNABELLE DESISTO: When we first got to Space, I didn’t really know what to say to them, I just wanted to talk to Snooki and J-WOWW and be like, “Thanks for turning me on to this great tanning product, J-WOWW!” That’s what I wanted to say to them. Anyway, so Lindsay went and tried to talk to them first. She tried talking to the girls and they totally shut her down, and then she’s like, “It’s totally your turn with the guys” and I didn’t really know what to do or be like, “Hey want me to buy you a drink?” Like, “How do you, like where are you from?” I didn’t know what to say to them. But they decided to come over to us, like Pauly and Vinny walked up to us and they were like, “We came out of the VIP just to meet you girls.”

Then a fight broke out and they ran away for a second because it got like really crazy. Then they came back and Pauly was like, “I think we’re getting kicked out, do you want to come back to the house with us?” And Lindsay and I already talked about our fantasy situation. Like, “What if this happened?” And she was like, “Would you ever hook up with any of them?”, and I’m like, “No, I would never hook up with any of them.” Then Lindsay said, “If we ever get invited back to the house, we’re going. I don’t care if you don’t want to, we are going back to the house.”

Because this happens with like normal people too; I don’t want to go back to anyone’s house. I am terrified I am going to be made into a lampshade or something. So I am like totally terrified of going back to any guys house, but Lindsay, the one on the episode with me, was like “No, it’s completely fine even if they are perfect strangers, it’s cool.” So we went back to their house and we already met; like the first time I talked with the Situation was in the club while we were getting ready to set up the taxi scene and he was just ridiculous.

What do you mean by that?

He was saying like the weirdest stuff. We were like, “Are you being serious right now? Because if you are being serious, then I should probably punch you in the face because you’re really awful and disgusting, but I can’t tell if you’re just saying this stuff to be funny; like you’re trying to pull a Michael Scott and say like ridiculous stuff that you think is funny.”

So The Situation was being a total cheeseball?

He kept saying, “I’m bad, I’m bad. I’m bad, I’m bad, and I’m the baddest.” And I’m like, “Okay Michael Jackson, we get it, you’re the baddest.” He asked us if we wanted to go in their Jacuzzi at the club and I was like, “No, I’m not being in a Jacuzzi with you because I have a spray tan so I don’t want to look like a half done cookie when I get out.” He also asked me if I was wearing underwear a lot. And then he asked me if I like my hair pulled, and I was like “I don’t understand that question.” He’s like, “Do you like getting your hair pulled?” And I was like, “In fights? No, I don’t like my hair being pulled.” He’s like, “I need to know later when I ‘F’ you.” I was like, “Oh god!” That’s how it was for the entire night, him saying weird stuff.

The way the show was edited, your friend Lindsay was sort of hanging out with Pauly and you were hanging out with Mike. How did it end up that way? Did you think that maybe Pauly or Vinny were cuter? How did you end up in bed with The Situation?

I was talking to Vinny in the club and then when the taxi came, Ronni and Sam got in first and we weren’t all going to fit. So Vinny was like, “Hey, I’ll just take the second one back with the girls.” So I was like, “Oh no! Now I’m stuck with Mike. Now I’m stuck with Mike.” So I was sort of freaking out. When we got back to the house, it was just us in there and we just basically stayed in their bedroom the entire time. Mike left for like an hour, which was amazing! I don’t know where he went. He just brought us in there and then just left for like an hour, like he didn’t tell us where he was going, he just walked out of the room. He just looked at me and waved his tiny little eyebrows and laughed.

Where do you think he went for an hour? That’s like a really long time to disappear, right?

I seriously have no idea. I didn’t even really care. Me and Lindsey didn’t even ask Pauly where he went. When he came back, he kept asking me if I wanted to change clothes, like to get into something more comfortable like pajamas. And I was like “No,” and he was like “But you seem really uncomfortable in that dress, lets just get you into pajamas.” I’m like, “Does everything you own have a rhinestone bulldog or dragon or Ed Hardy logo on it?” And he’s like “Yeah, of course!” And I was like, “Then I’m not changing clothes.”

And that is why I got into bed with him. I was wearing a Rock Of Love dress and I didn’t want to be blurred out anywhere. That would be really embarrassing, it’s already embarrassing that I am on the show, but it would be really embarrassing if they had to blur a body part of me out. So that’s why I was laying down on his bed the entire time, like face down so nothing would fall out from either way.

Did you end up kissing him or anything?


Well, he was obviously really grabby and trying and all that stuff; you just rebuffed him.

You know how kids touch you, and you really don’t want them to so you just slide their hand off and put their hands back on them? That’s kind of what happened and he finally put the blanket over us. I was not giving him signals any part of the night like something was going to happen. Then, under the covers, he was just looking at me trying to do awkward small talk and I’m like “Oh, what do you do in your spare time?” He was like, “Can you just shut up and blow me?”

I’m like “Okay, I’m really really sorry, I know you’re going to be really upset about this but I really don’t hook up with that many people. There is still time, the club is still open and I can go with you to the club and we can tag team, I can find a girl for you. I will find a much more easy and much more pretty girl than me and you know we can get her to come back here and do that stuff and get her hair pulled or whatever.” And he was like, “No baby, no I’m not that kind of guy, you have it all wrong, I’m not that kind of guy.” I was like, “Listen, I’m really not going to hook up with you.” That’s when he flipped out. The fight lasted for about a half an hour; he got, like, really mean.

Well, you leveled him with that “old man” comment, which was pretty genius. How did you come up with that one? Is he sort of like a butterface, like an old looking kind of a guy?

I mean, he is pretty leathery. He is 28 and he looks like Pauly Shore. He looks like a very tan Pauly Shore. He kept talking about checkers and they edited it so much because he said the checkers thing like ten times. Sort of like Rain Man, everything he would say he would say it like ten times in a row.

Well, even though you weren’t getting along with The Situation, your friend Lindsay seemed like she was getting along with Pauly pretty well…

Yeah Pauly, he was so so sweet and could not have been nicer. All of them were so wonderful except for Mike. She was still in their room and she was like, “You’re being an asshole, you’re just being mean because she shut you down.” He was like, “We didn’t work out, me and your girl weren’t a good pair.” She was like, “No, because she said she wouldn’t blow you” and he was like “I didn’t even want her to; me and her just aren’t a good pair.” Then he was like, “You want me to start being really mean, want me to start being really truthful about your girl?” And she was like, “Alright, f*ck you, I’m leaving.”

Did he ever cross the line just poking fun and being ridiculous and cheesy to actually being mean or anything like that?

Sort of. I knew he was going to be upset and I totally understand, you know. Like, a girl coming back to your house with a spray painted dress on at 4:30 in the morning? I would be pissed if I were a guy, so I understand. But I was surprised that he just started yelling as much as he did. If you have this guy yelling in your face with his roided out veins and everything, saying “You want me to start getting really mean about your girl?” That’s when we left because I knew he was going to call me a grenade and say other stuff. And that’s just him so I can’t really say that I was shocked it was just kind of a surreal moment because I watched him on TV and it being my favorite show and then being in their house and having one of them yelling at you, I was like, “What’s going on?”.

Right, so you and Lindsay got out of there. Did you ever hear from any of them again?

We actually met him again, which was really random. A couple of months ago, Lindsay and I came out to Los Angeles and went to a Jay Leno taping. And The Situation ended up being the guest, which we didn’t even know. Anyway, we got front row, like the best seats, like 8 seats away from Jay Leno’s desk, and during The Situation’s interview he looked right over because we were right next to the camera and he kind of took like a double take at us. During the commercial, Jay Leno was like, “Hey Mike, why don’t you come say hello to these two cute girls over here?” We were like, “No no no, that’s okay,” but he made him come over and say hi to us. It was the most uncomfortable moment because we knew he recognized us somehow because he had like that weird look. He was like, “Hey, how are you guys?” And I wanted to be like, “I f*cking hate you!”, but I couldn’t. So, instead, I said, “Hi, nice to meet you,” and he was like, “Haven’t I…?” Looking at us like “I don’t know if I slept with these girls or how I know them.” It was so uncomfortable and I felt really bad because I felt like Jay Leno was looking at us like he thought we were going to be much more excited because all the other girls were like, “Oh my god!”

So what did you do the night that the show aired a few weeks back?

My mom was actually out here, dropping off my car.

No way! Was that awkward? Did you watch it with her?

She watched it before I did. It was really awkward. My parents called after the show aired in Florida, and they called me and were like, “What does DTF mean? I saw him calling you DTF.” I was like, “Umm, ahhh, dancing too fast! When you’re dancing too fast up at the club, that’s why we were invited back to the house.” She was like, “Oh, because I didn’t know what that meant.” I was like, “Yeah, that’s what it means.”


poor girl. :( i mean i knew mike was a douchebag but i didn't realize he was /that/ much of a douchebag.