Workers Call Disney 'Mousewitz'

'Working for Disney? I'd rather be in Afghanistan'

It is billed as the ‘happiest place on Earth’ where workers are known as cast members rather than employees.

But life in Disney’s Magical Kingdom is not so magical, according to a survey of the best U.S. companies to work for.

Disney ranked 41st in the list, dozens of places below the army, where soldiers on deployment to Afghan istan face the daily threat of death from roadside bombs and extremists.

All four branches of the military ranked higher than Disney, which employs more than 100,000 worldwide in theme parks including those in Florida, California and Paris.

Disgruntled Disney workers have dubbed the parks ‘Mousewitz’ because they were so unhappy with working conditions.

And ‘cast members’ at Disneyland Paris earlier this year started referring to it as the ‘unhappiest place on Earth’ following the suicide of three workers.

Union leader Guy-Bruno Mboe called work conditions ‘brutal’ and complained: ‘It’s all about profit, profit, profit.’

The Florida theme parks have been accused of paying minimum wages and firing workers for minor transgressions.

Google topped the list of best employers compiled by jobs website, which used independent reviews to evaluate opportunities for growth, pay and work-life balance.


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