$2,000,000 Bra The Perfect Display Case For Your $10,000 Breasts

Looking for a way to let the world know you’ve purchased the top of the line implants?

Well Victoria Secret has the answer: Meet the Fantasy Bra, a $2,000,000 lingerie sensation made up of diamonds and extremely flammable fabric. Model Adriana Lima debuted the bra in New York this week, and my oh my, it is worth every penny! It turns your regular ol’ “porn star breasts” into brand new “things that are likely being fondled by someone extremely wealthy and hideous looking breasts.”

I’m hot glueing cantaloupe halves unto my torzo as we speak to fool people into thinking I’m wearing a $2 million bra. Joke is on you, American public!
More photos of Adriana doing what she does best — standing — ahead!


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