Paris Hilton @ California Adventure...

(First time post BTW). So today while exiting Tower of Terror at California Adventure my friends and I see a huge entourage making their way towards the ride entrance. We decided to stop and see who it was. And what do you know, in front of the crowd we saw Paris Hilton chatting away on her sidekick with Nicky at her side. Excited as we were we decided to wait at the exit for them to come out so we can ask for a pic. But after waiting for a while we realized they must have left through some other entrance. Then! while walking by the roller coaster California Screamin' we noticed an unusual amount of security guards in black suits. And lord behold, there's paris sitting in the coaster front row. But when the coaster came to the station Paris was holding up her index finger and telling the ride operator "one more time!!". So myself and a bunch of other gawkers ran to go take a picture of the ride launching off. Now this isn't the best quality but it's the only thing I got of her. After that we followed her and my friend asked her "Hey Paris, when does your album drop?" and Paris replied "April". Bout damn time that shit comes out!

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