OMG Mariah & Nick Already Have Baby Names Picked

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Nick Cannon has revealed that he has already picked out baby names with his wife Mariah Carey. 

The couple, who are rumoured to be expecting their first child, have yet to confirm the rumour but have apparently been planning kids since their first date.

Cannon won't confirm whether Carey is pregnant, but he has talked alot about babies in a recent interview with OK! magazine.

The radio presenter and comedian said: "We've been naming our kids since the day we met. I can't give you that though, you're trying to get me in trouble with my wife!"

The 30-year-old also added that he thinks that the 'Dreamlover' songstress will be a better parent than he will.

He said: "She's going to be amazing. I will be a good dad too, but she's such a nurturing spirit, she'll be good."

Acknowledging his wife's love of rainbows, he also said that they'd be a big part of the nursery decoration.

He said: "Lots of colours, yeah, I'm pretty sure there'd be some rainbows on the wall."(lol, cute)

So ONTD, what names do you guys think they will come up with? 
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