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Claim: Britney Spears Gains 20 Pounds Turns to Food for Comfort

The speculation surrounding Britney Spears husband Kevin Federline cheating with a porn star hit a fever pitch last week and that has caused Brit to gain 20 pounds a published report claims.

Brit Gains 20 Pounds?

The pop tart was hit with blinding headlines from an American tabloid that K-Fed was cheating with porn star Kendra Jade.

Now the same magazine, the American tabloid 'The Star,' says Brit is turning to food for comfort as she deals with the rumors.

On the Star web site the tab claims "Britney Spears has gained ANOTHER 20 pounds. So she now tips the scales at 140 pounds!"

It then asks a poll question "Do you think it's time for Britney's friends and family to stage an eating intervention?"

The poll is here.

The claim by the magazine is that Brit was down to 120 pounds in mid-November and now she is dressing at a full 140 pounds according to the item.

"It's like she's drowning her sorrows in food," a family friend alleges to the mag. "She's turned into a human vacuum cleaner - gobbling down burgers, ice cream, chicken nuggets and Cheetos.

Yikes - this is a family friend? Who's family?

Truth is - Britney could likely be losing weight a bit quicker.

But this 'friend' is just cruel. Brit will likely be back into pre-baby shape by spring - even if the Federline rumors continue.


Aw, let the girl eat. After years of doing a thousand crunches a day she's entitled to be a chub. Forget the eating intervention, get her into a shower and a dry-cleaner.
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