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Interview Highlights
Cheyenne & his partner Monte Lapka (he is a physicist)

A few months after that birthday dinner, Jackson and his partner of more than 10 years, Monte Lapka, walked into New York’s City Hall and registered as domestic partners. “We wanted to get as married as we could,” says Jackson. “I think we were filling in some forms for wills or insurance, and I just thought, Let’s just make this as legal as we can. It was with a bunch of Russian mail order brides, literally. And it was hilarious and it was romantic, just he and me, our little secret.” Although Lapka, a trained physicist, is apparently ambivalent about marriage proper, his status on Jackson’s Wikipedia page is already listed as “spouse.” The boy of 18 who had never said “I’m gay”

For Lapka, Jackson’s guileless quality and big-hearted enthusiasm is both an asset and a liability. “He goes into every situation believing in everyone,” he says. “That’s a wonderful quality, but it also leaves him exposed. If I could change anything about that I’d want him to self-protect more, but I don’t think he’d be the same person if he did.” Tall and muscular, with a keen, dry wit, Lapka loves to quote from books and TV shows (he describes his relationship to Jackson by paraphrasing a line from The Simpsons, in which Homer tells Marge, “Our differences are on the surface, but our sames go all the way down.”) and tends to stay in the background, volleying quips whenever they encounter annoying celebrity behavior.

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