Glee cast talks about Charice, Rocky Horror, etc.

These were among the questions answered by “Glee’s” main cast and creator Ryan Murphy on our recent visit to the show’s set. As promised, we’re sharing excerpts of our interviews. The cast was divided into two panels.

Here, we feature our conversation, punctuated by laughter, with Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison and Amber Riley.

Ryan sat in and allowed them to disclose which characters they’ll play in the show’s homage to the cult classic, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Later, we got a partial list of “Glee” characters and their “Rocky Horror” parts: Rachel is Janet; Finn is Brad; Mercedes, Frank-N-Furter; Kurt, Riff Raff; Quinn, Partygoer/Magenta; Tina, Partygoer/Columbia; Brittany, Columbia; Santana, Magenta; Mike, Eddie; Dr. Carl, Eddie; Sam, Partygoer, and Artie plays Partygoer/The Commentator/Dr. Scott. Excerpts of our interview (in tomorrow’s column—the second group):


Can we expect more diva-offs between you and Charice in future episodes?

Lea: There will be more diva-offs in the future, but Ryan never takes things to places you expect them to go. So, I don’t think it’s going to be the typical rivalry. Charice was wonderful. She’s definitely the tiniest ball of talent I’ve ever seen in my life. Charice is beyond talented!

What do you sing in the shower?

Lea: It was that “Funny Girl” song (which she sang in a mini show before the interview). I’ve been obsessed with Barbra Streisand since I was a kid. She was the only person in the film who I felt looked like me.

Amber: I practice a lot of opera pieces.

Cory: I’ve been singing Foreigner’s tunes, I don’t know why.

Kevin: I do a lot of Michael Bublé. In my head, there’s like a big band around me.

Matthew: I do opera because it sounds best in the shower.

What’s the direction of the show in Season Two?

Ryan: We get so many letters and e-mails, particularly from kids saying, “I’ve never seen myself represented on television.” So, we feel more socially responsible. When we did the big tour at the Radio City Music Hall, there were kids in wheelchairs who came from all over the country just to see Artie (played by McHale).

We’re aware that in Season One, we had too much baby-mama drama. This year, I keep saying, “bigger, faster, better,” but no babies.

Tell us about the guest stars coming this season.

Matthew: There are guest stars coming, but the show is really focused on the group and explores that. I love how I might not be in an episode too much, because it’s about Amber’s character, for example.

Ryan: All the guest stars this year have been impeccably cast. Like, John Stamos is a good example of a guy who’s perfect for the role (Dr. Carl) he plays.

Matthew: John is the most incredible addition to the show. In Season One, I had to play against the women.
Now, it’s great to have some testosterone and go against another guy. It’s intense, because my character realizes that he does love Emma—but, now, he can’t have her. I can’t fault John’s character, because he’s actually making her feel better.

They couldn’t have cast these parts better—like Dot Jones, who plays Coach Beiste. She walks in the room, and she’s like this presence. She’s 6’ 4”. She’s taller than Jane, and she’s way taller than me. It’s intimidating, but what she brings to the role is beautiful. She’s not just a hard person, there’s this softness about her that’s beautiful and contradictory. That’s what our show is—what you see isn’t always what you get.

When is Javier Bardem appearing on the show?

Ryan: I just saw Javier last week. The first thing he asked me was, “Where’s my script?” Javier is going to play a Spanish rock ‘n’ roll star whom Sue bedded and cruelly dumped.

\What can you tell us about the coming “The Rocky Horror Picture” episode

Ryan: That movie musical really captures the spirit of “Glee.” I remember being 13 or 14 and seeing that movie. There were a lot of other people around who didn’t fit in in their schools, and no one cared about them. There was a feeling of community among outsiders. I thought, ‘Oh, that works great for the show.’ We pay tribute to the movie, and that’s the first album we’re releasing out this season, and it’s called “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.” It comes out mid-October for Halloween.