gemegz (gemegz) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Kate Moss seen kissing...gasp...JACK OSBOURNE!?!?

Moss Kissing Ozzy's Kid?

We're barely three weeks into 2006 and already we have a strong contender for the oddest hookup of the year. Kate Moss, whose taste in men ranges from the provocative (Johnny Depp) to the pathetic (drug arrest-disposed doofus Pete Doherty), was reportedly seen giving Jack Osbourne's tonsils a thorough exam Monday night.

(That sound you hear? It's a million men simultaneously slapping their foreheads and crying out, "Holy crap, I had a shot!")

The Insider reports the peculiar pair, both of whom have been through rehab, engaged in some heavy PDA at a post-Golden Globes soiree at L.A. hotspot Teddy's.

"They were making out in front of everyone," says a spy.

Innocent bystanders to the supposed buss stop included a few famous faces, which were apparently frozen in horror. The New York Daily News says Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson seemed positively "aghast" as Moss, 32, "bumped and ground her waiflike charms into" the no longer husky scion, 20, of the Prince of Bleepin' Darkness.

Kate, fresh off her pole dancing adventure with pal Lindsay Lohan at a New York strip club, was recently seen getting up close and personal with another 20-year-old, a British would-be musician named Jamie Burke. They were reportedly spied tongue-wrestling during a holiday ski vacation in Aspen, although they claimed to be just friends.

But it seems their snowy snuggling came as a bit of a shock to Burke's live-in girlfriend, a 24-year-old Australian named Jessie, who learned of the pairing by reading about it in the paper, says the London Mirror.

"Jamie keeps trying to ring her to try and sort things out, but she's having none of it," an insider tells the tab. "Most of their mutual friends also think he's treated Jessie badly and are giving him a hard time."

As for Osbourne, who once dated fame-craving C-lister Kimberly Stewart, Moss has known him for a few years, and last month they were seen shopping and scarfing down ice cream together in Los Angeles.

And should things ever progress past the club cuddling stage, Jack doesn't have to worry about winning his mom's approval.

Back in November, Sharon Osbourne leapt to the defense of the tabloid-targeted supermodel, who is mom to 3-year-old Lila Grace.

"She needs a nice guy in her life to ground her," said Sharon. "Every time I see her, I just want to hold her and tell her it's gonna be alright. She's lovely -- very, very vulnerable, not a harmful bone in her body."
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