stephanie tanner is a crystal queen

Us Weekly and People like to stay away from Whitney Houston-style stories, but thankfully for, The Globe and The National Enquirer are all over the drug shit!

In this week's issue: it is revealed that former Full House cutie Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) is a recovering crystal meth addict, a serious issue plaguing America (not JUST the gay community).

Thankfully, Sweetin is out of rehab now and reportedly clean. However, crystal nearly destroyed her life, ruining her marriage and career.

With the help of some of her Full House castmates, Jodie had the courage to do what's right and get help. Life is simple, if you are in trouble, you need to get help. That's the simple life!

Sweetin is currently picking up the pieces of her life, and Candace Cameron is really playing the role of big sister, helping her every step of the way.

And, her former co-star John Stamos tells through his rep, "I love and support Jodie and Im here for her in any way that she needs me."
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