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Which 70's staaa-aaah-umm has been arrested...?


The Rolling Stones / AP

Plus the 'Stones in Australia...


Michael J. Fox on  Boston Legal.

Do you really waant to see MJ Fox back on TV...?


Chris Carter is suing Fox.

"See you in court bitch..."


Plus PETA's animal cruelty allegations agains MJ...

Patrick Swayze in Australia...

FINALLY Oz iTunes adds music from Sony/BMG....

And Rogue Traders to do D& D balls? WTF...?


SEVENTIES teen idol Leif Garrett has been arrested and jailed for investigation of narcotics possession and not having a subway ticket, officials said.

Garrett, 44, was arrested by sheriff's deputies on the platform of the Pershing Square Red Line station in downtown Los Angeles for allegedly not having a ticket to ride the train. Deputies during a subsequent search allegedly found suspected narcotics on the musician-actor, officials said.

Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, said Garrett was being held without bail because he had allegedly violated the terms of his probation for a previous offence. He pleaded guilty in March to attempted possession of cocaine-based narcotics and was placed on probation, Ms Gibbons said.

A judge last month issued a bench warrant for his arrest for an unspecified reason, she said.

An email sent to a spokeswoman listed on Garrett's website was not immediately returned.

Garrett has appeared in three dozen films, mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, and has released 10 music albums.



THE Rolling Stones could stage the first rock concert at Melbourne's Flemington racetrack.

Promoter Paul Dainty has asked Flemington officials if the rock legends can play to a crowd of 30,000 in April.

A Victoria Racing Club spokesman confirmed talks were being held with Dainty and the Stones.

"We would be guided by them as to what they require," he said.

"Whether or not the Stones opt for Flemington depends on whether we can fulfill what those requirements are."

On their last visit in 2003, the Stones played at Rod Laver Arena but their 1973 tour included shows at Randwick, Kooyong and the WACA.

Stones fan James Young was excited by the choice.

"Racing is the sport of kings and the Rolling Stones are the kings of rock'n'roll, making Flemington a natural choice of venue for these thoroughbred stayers," Mr Young said.

"Flemington racecourse makes sense to me. Jagger loves wearing bright silks, Charlie's an incredible stayer, Ronnie's finally on the straight and Keith's no stranger to a drug test."

While representatives for the VRC and Dainty said venue and dates were in discussion, a Stones tour is not yet confirmed.

But the Stones' authoritative European fansite,, yesterday listed Flemington as the rumoured venue for an April show.

That information is said to be confirmed by Stones insiders.

The fansite suggests the Stones will visit Wellington, NZ, on April 8, before stops in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne.

The tour's Pacific Rim leg opens in Tokyo on March 22.

Flemington's grandstand capacity is 24,000 people.




Michael J. Fox says that acting for him, these days, is "like being a right-handed painter and being forced to paint with your left hand."

"You go, 'Yeah, I'm artistic, but the lines aren't straight anymore. I have creativity, but I'm not staying within the lines'."

Since quitting acting full-time in 2000 because of the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease, first diagnosed in 1991 but not revealed to the public until 1998, the Family Ties and Spin City star has only occasionally acted on TV.

In 2001 he returned for several guest appearances as Deputy Mayor Michael Flaherty in US ABC's Spin City, and in 2004 guest starred as a surgeon with obsessive-compulsive disorder on two episodes of NBC's Scrubs.

Now the 44-year-old Fox guest stars in three (and a bit) episodes of ABC's Boston Legal. He plays a business tycoon, Daniel Post, a cancer sufferer who hires the notorious legal firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt to defend him. Post's been sued for corrupting a study for a new cancer-fighting drug by using his insider clout to ensure he was given the non-placebo. Amid the court case he becomes romantically entangled with his attorney, Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen.)

Fox's first episode The Cancer Man Can, has just aired. His story arc concludes on February 7.

The producers of Boston Legal knew since last season of Fox's interest in the show, but it wasn't until now that a suitable role came up.

Executive producer Bill D'Elia says the actor was "number one on a list of one," because "the character was someone that had to have irresistible charm."

"It was kismet - a combination of several events occurring to create perfect karma," says D'Elia, delighted that Fox signed on for the David E. Kelley series, which "often creates these spicy roles" for guest stars.

Fox says he is a fan of Boston Legal for a number of reasons, including its "so smart and so funny take" on ethical and moral issues. He also likes the way the show understands the complexities of human nature and that it is not afraid to recognise that "sometimes people are likable and they are corrupted, and sometimes they are incorruptible, but kind of off-putting."

He particularly enjoyed working on Post's brief encounter with Denny Crane, the most notorious of the ethically challenged lawyers, played by William Shatner, a "fellow Canadian."

"I was really pleasantly blown away by him. First of all Denny Crane, is, I think, one of the great creations of television in the 21st century ... and then there's Shatner's artistry, which I think is a lot misunderstood," Fox says, during a phone interview from New York.

Fox - once the cute young Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy of feature films - says, "What I loved was being part of the creative process again. Something as simple as being in a night shoot and smelling the smell of carbon lights in the cold air. 'Wow, the smell of the grease paint!' It was nice, and nice being involved with other actors."

Because of the Parkinson's disease, Fox says he "can't show up with a game plan." He expresses sympathy and understanding for veteran showman, Dick Clark, who, though not fully recovered from a debilitating stroke, had gamely co-hosted ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

"I am not in such a bad position as he, just given the nature of our separate challenges, but I can see what he was going for, and I felt bad for him that he's gotten such a mixed reaction," says Fox.

Because Fox doesn't know how extreme the symptoms of his illness will be on any given day, he had to wing it in suggesting Post's own health problems. "I just show up and do what I can do, and stay true to the emotional arc of the character."

Fox, who won three Emmys for portraying Alex Keaton on Family Ties and a fourth for playing Flaherty on Spin City, says he loved it that Boston Legal provided "the chance to do one those courtroom speeches - a soliloquy in front of the judge - which in my long and assorted career I've never done. It was so much fun."

Fun though it was, he admits it was physically "pretty taxing," and he doesn't plan to return to acting full-time. Instead, he says, he's always "finding better things to do," particularly spending as much time as possible with his four kids and wife, Tracy Pollan.

He also devotes himself to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, founded in 2000, which has already raised millions in hopes of finding a cure.

Additionally, he's working on a book, a "kind of follow-up" to his memoir Lucky Man.

It's theme?

"I'm exploring the idea of optimism in all it's forms ... What is optimism all about? It's kind of something I've been playing with," he said.



X Files creator Chris Carter has sued 20th Century Fox television for breach of contract of his hit show, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

Carter filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in December, the trade paper said on Tuesday.

The lawsuit claims that 20th Century Fox reneged on previous agreements, refusing to pay Carter an original profit deal or later cable advance.

Carter brought the case through his production company, Ten Thirteen, seeking unspecified damages.

Telephone messages left at his lawyer's Los Angeles office and at 20th Century Fox television were not returned.

Carter said that in 1998 he made an agreement with 20th Century Fox affiliate Fox Broadcasting to give him a "profit guarantee" for a sixth and seventh season of the X Files.

Negotiations for a ninth season led to Carter urging 20th Century Fox to cancel the show's domestic cable deal for repeat rights with the FX network.

Carter's suit claims the agreement with FX was handed over to networks USA and TNT.

The suit also alleges Carter negotiated for a cable advance equal to 25 per cent of the gross licence fee paid to 20th Century Fox in excess of $300,000 an episode.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Carter said in 2001 that 20th Century Fox asked him to reduce the cable advance because it would result in a benefit too large for him.




Michael Jackson cruelty claims

MICHAEL Jackson is being accused of cruelty.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told the US Agriculture Department he has been neglecting giraffes, elephants and crocodiles at his Neverland estate.

He has been in Bahrain since being cleared on child-sex charges.



DIRTY Dancing star Patrick Swayze is writing a movie based in Australia.

"I'm looking to shoot a movie in Australia," Swayze said. "You've got to look outside of Hollywood if you want to find people with passion.

"I've actually got an idea for this friendship that happens with a couple of Australian natives and an Australian guy and an American guy."

Swayze, best known for his roles in the blockbuster hits Dirty Dancing and Ghost, has visited Australia many times.

"I love it there. I love all of Australia," he said in an interview to promote his latest film, the black British comedy Keeping Mum.

Swayze, 53, is moving into film production with his own company.

Keeping Mum -- co-starring Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas -- opens in Australia next week.




iTunes Ahoy! Sony BMG Catalogue Now Available in Australia...
Yep, that's right - The Sony BMG catalogue has now been added to the iTunes Music Store in Australia, which means that you can now download all your favourite local and international Sony BMG artists from iTunes including Foo Fighters, Rogue Traders, Shannon Noll, Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand and Anthony Callea.
"We're delighted to join the iTunes Music Store in Australia," said Denis Handlin, Chairman and CEO, Sony BMG Australia and New Zealand. "There is a great opportunity for digital music to explode in 2006 and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with iTunes."

The addition of the Sony BMG catalogue to iTunes equals lots more music for fans! You'll be able to download the latest stuff from local stars like Shannon Noll, Anthony Callea and Human Nature, international artists such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Avril Lavigne, and music videos from the likes of Anastacia, John Mayer and Alicia Keys.

Additional Sony BMG local favourites coming to iTunes include Pete Murray, John Farnham, Alex Lloyd and Delta Goodrem, and international artists like Destiny's Child, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, The Strokes, Kelly Clarkson, Bruce Springsteen, Jamiroquai, Eurythmics and Shakira.

The iTunes Music Store will be featuring the exclusive video catalogue of Foo Fighters, a Celebrity Playlist from Delta Goodrem and exclusive tracks from Eurythmics and Rogue Traders.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting Sony BMG exclusives hitting iTunes soon!
Rogue Traders - Desperate And Dateless?
Wanna get your freak on with Rogue Traders? The so-hot-it-hurts electro rockers are hitting the road for some shows, including d&d balls in Hobart, Perth and the Gold Coast, so you can get out there and watch them! Grab all the details here...
Get ready to rock big time with the Rogues! The drums are coming to a town near you, along with Nat, James and the Trader boys. If you're one of the lucky people who caught the Rogues supporting Kelly Clarkson on her national tour or at Homebake, then you'll know that this is one band that seriously kicks it live.

Tickets to all shows are on sale now, so grab yourself one and start preparing for one helluva night!

Rogue Traders Live Shows

January 26 - Seagulls Club, Tweed Heads
Tix: 07 5536 3433

January 27 - Great Western Hotel, Rockhampton
Tix: 07 4922 3888

January 28 - Brothers Leagues Club, Cairns
Tix: 07 4053 1053 or

March 4 - d&d ball, Derwent Entertainment Centre, Hobart

March 18 - d&d ball, Dreamworld, Gold Coast

March 25 - d&d ball, Challenge Stadium, Perth


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