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Even more backstage gossip at the Globes

Over at the NBC party ...
The NBC/Universal party was laid back. Natalie Portman bypassed the long line and went straight inside, as Mira Sorvino exited with husband Chris Backus, while Laura Linney milled around and Matt Dillon hung out with Jane Seymour. Melanie Griffith made a late entrance with her daughter, Miss Golden Globe Dakota Johnson. So, how did Melanie’s kid do? “I think she was awesome -- elegant, poised and confident, and she did her job really well,” said Griffith. “I TIVOed it.” That comment left Johnson more than a little mortified. “Did you really? That’s horrible!” responded Johnson. -- D.F.

Nominee Scarlett Johansson was thrilled that Huffman took home a statuette. “I was very surprised and happy that Felicity Huffman won. It’s always exciting to see an actor who takes a chance in smaller independent films and gets recognized for it,” said Johansson. As for her party plans, “I have to work tomorrow so I’m going to be a little bit boring and probably call it an early night.”

Best dramatic actress winner Felicity Huffman was the belle of the ball, posing for pictures with husband William H. Macy and happily chatting with fans. “We’re gonna hang out here with my friends!” she said, adding that she keeps her success in perspective “because I’m older and I’ve spent a lot of time out of work and you don’t forget.”

Kiefer Sutherland and Wentworth Miller were among the stars who showed up at the Twentieth Century Fox party. Sutherland left shortly before 9 p.m. “I've got to get to work in the morning,” he said. For Miller, the highlight of the evening so far was “seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman win for Capote. He's such a brilliant actor, an actor's actor.” So what can fans expect from Prison Break once it returns? Miller had to be careful not to spill anything that would upset the legal department, but “I will say the body count will rise,” he said. --

Between munching on carrots and chatting with his Curb Your Enthusiasm co-star Jeff Garlin, Larry David let it be known that he's considering bringing the HBO comedy back for another season.

Reese Witherspoon, waiting for husband Ryan Phillippe outside the bathroom, talked about who she called after her win. “I called my mother, but my daughter is home asleep.” Witherspoon looked at her award and said, “She (daughter Ava) will probably want to play with this,” gesturing toward her trophy — W.K.

The 17 year old virgin?
"When did you lose your virginity?" That was the first question 40 Year Old Virgin star Steve Carell got after getting a Globe for his role in TV’s The Office. “OK, next question,” Carell said, half-joking, half-serious. The actor has been dogged by that question ever since the movie opened and he has vowed never to answer truthfully. At the Globes, he gamely decided to go along and said it happened when he was 17. Then again, maybe not. Carell said he picked 17 because it sounded average. -- A.B.

Can you picture Parker as a Housewife?
When told that Marc Cherry said he wrote Desperate Housewives with her in mind, Mary-Louise Parker said, “I am so flattered to hear him say that.” Why did she turn down the role of Susan? “At the time, I felt I could not serve the show as well as someone else could. And I was right. Teri (Hatcher) is so great in that role and I could not imagine anyone else playing that part. We all ended up where we belong.” -- W.K.

Oh, that explains it
When Charlize Theron came over and rubbed Natalie Portman’s head, Portman explained: “Charlize and I have a mutual friend who dared her to come rub my head. My hair is growing very slowly because I am a vegetarian. … It is very important for you to mention I am wearing vegan shoes.” -- W.K.

Clooney: A glass-half-empty kind of guy
"I’m going to start drinking the second I get in there," said George Clooney in his usual Armani. "I don’t don’t think we’re going to win anything. It feels like a Brokeback kind of night." — D.F.

To Chanel or not to Chanel
Johnny Depp on what he and girlfriend Vanessa Paradis were wearing: "She's in Chanel and I'm not," said Depp, who sported a bright red shirt and dark jacket, while Paradis was in silver satin. -- J.D.

'Lost' veterans back in the spotlight?
Here's some Lost news that may make fans happy: “We're going back to the original characters, because we're the originals,” said Naveen Andrews, who attended with his girlfriend, actress Barbara Hershey. (Wonder what Mr. Eko would have to say about that?) -- W.M.

The doctor is in
Katherine Heigl, who plays Izzie on ABC’s hit Grey’s Anatomy, had an interesting way of getting ready for the Globes. “I cleaned the cat box and fed the dog and I got ready with (co-star) Kate Walsh. Mostly, we made fun of ourselves, but I’m really nervous right now.” -- D.F.


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