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More Globe related stuff

Jake was at the Urth Cafe this week but I did not see him at the Golden Globes. Why is that? Why didn’t he support his team? Is he upset he was overlooked as a nominee? I thought he would have been the team player type of guy but I am starting to doubt our cute Jakey. (Popsugar)

I was really annoyed not to see Jake there supporting his fellow actors and the people who made Brokeback Mountain possible. He was able to make it to Palm Springs. Anyone know why he couldn't be at the Globes?


We still have no idea why GyllenHO decided to mysteriously skip the Golden Globes last night, but we do know his whereabouts for the evening.

PerezHilton.com has exclusively learned that Jakey did make an appearance at the ultra exclusive CAA party last night, held at Chaya, an actor friend of ours, who saw the HO there, tells us.

Unfortunately, Perez was not invited to the CAA party. How sad.
Source: PerezHilton - I will believe it when I see some photos of him at said party.

They were just adorable, it almost made me ill. But I am so glad she won.

Just too cute for words. Although, I was surprised Joaquin did not mention her in his acceptance speech.

Loved these two as well. He couldn't have been smiling any bigger while she gave her speech.

Haven't seen any love for Hugh, he is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad he won. Best Doctor of the bunch. He had a great acceptance speech. He thanked the hair people! I giggled quite a bit. Considering it was a rather boring evening, he was one of the best to win.

I always like the scruffy ones.

Photos from Smart, DListed and PopSugar!
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