Britney Spears Tops Worst Cover Song Poll

London, Sep 22 – Pop star Britney Spears version of ‘I Love Rock ‘N Roll’ has been voted as the worst cover song ever.

The 28-year-old’s attempt at American singer Joan Jett’s 1981 classic sold just 51,000 copies, reports


Luke Lewis of OMP said: ‘When someone ruins a classic, it’s the cause of much anger.’ 

The singer released Joan Jett's track The Arrows's classic in 2002 but music fans were unimpressed with Spears' rendition - NME readers have voted it their least favourite cover.

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This according to a poll of 15,000 people .
Other artists who made it to the list by readers of NME are:

- Ronan Keating ~Fairytale Of New York (released in 1987 by The Pogues, an
Anglo-Irish folk rock band,)
- Celine Dion ~You Shook Me All Night Long (AC / DC)
- Take That ~Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
- M People Itchycoo Park ~ (song of the 60s by The Small Faces)
- Robbie Williams ~ Song 2 (Blur)
- Will Young ~ Light My Fire (The Doors)
- Madonna ~ American Pie (Don McLean's song released in 1971)
- Limp Bizkit ~ Faith (George Michael)
- Mark Ronson ~ No One Knows (from rock band Queen Of The Stone Age)

Conversely, readers have acclaimed as the "best covers of all time" Feeling Good by Muse, Twist and shout by the Beatles and Hurt by Johnny Cash.

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