Maci and Kyle broke up?

This may be old news (sorry if it is, I'm not on LJ much), but from Kyle King's twitter, It appears he and Maci are done, although on her Formspring she says they are still together. Maybe she doesn't want to upset her fans? Is she contracted to not say anything? Any way, here you go!

Your thoughts?

Also, who is excited for the new Teen Mom tonight? :)

SOURCE: Kyle's Twitter:

EDIT: I'm kind of undecided on the whole 'this is a fake twitter' thing. Ryan's looks pretty solid, and it goes back a really long time. But Kyles could be..he has posted pics from his phone straight to twitter but, it looks like someone took cell phone pics of the computer screen because it's such crappy quality. What do you think? Fake/not fake?
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