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Super smoocher Anthony Hutton.

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Anthony Hutton has kissed 100 girls since winning 'Big Brother'.

The handsome star says he is addicted to "snogging" female fans and has been playing tonsil tennis non-stop since leaving the 'Big Brother' house.

He revealed to Britain's Hot Stars magazine: "I've snogged millions of girls. I was always into snogging. There really has been a lot since leaving the house - I would say I've snogged around 100 girls since then."

Last month, Anthony admitted to enjoying a three-way kiss.
The hunky star admits girls throw themselves at him when he goes to nightclubs and has no problem smooching with more than one admirer at a time.

He said "Oh I kiss loads of girls when I do personal appearances. I even have three and four-way snogs.

"I feel like, you know, the nightclub have paid for me to be there, so if the girls turn up and want an autograph or a picture or a snog, I think it's my duty to do it!"


That word snogging..
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