Justin Boober

Justin Bieber must have stumbled upon a magic lamp. There's just no other explanation as to how lucky the young scamp is.

Midway through the homecoming leg of his tour in his native Canada, the teen paid a visit to beer and busty babes bar chain Hooters.

Members of the singer's support act LEGACI sang for bosses in exchange for a free meal, but they refused to honour the deal until the teen titan turned up.

And a quarter of an hour later, there he was. Bet he didn't need much persuading.

The busty waitresses in the Edmonton branch couldn't believe their luck when he waltzed in, surrounding him for a photograph. As word spread through the town, the place was soon mobbed by eager fans wanting to catch a glimpse of the teen star.

Manager Les Johansen said: "I couldn't believe how crazy it got in here. In a span of three minutes it went from just a normal, half-decent Saturday to just wall-to-wall madness. Within probably 45 seconds, we had 150-200 people standing outside our front door."

Justin left soon after, without having a meal.