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Psycho reproducer from the bachelor

The Bachelor’s “psycho” doctor blames editing... but will sell “my eggs are rotting” t-shirts online

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The crazy-ass doctor who appeared on Monday’s debut of The Bachelor 8 and announced to the world that her “eggs are rotting” is planning to sell t-shirts with that slogan and others.

On the first episode, Allie was rejected by bachelor Travis, which was no surprise since she introduced herself to him by telling him she was in her “reproductive phase. So, if that seems to match your goals, then I’m here.” She then told him, “Am I not attractive? Am I too short? Are my boobs too small?”

Dr. Allie Garcia-Serra writes on her web site that, while she “do[es] not regret what I did or said,” she says her “‘psycho’ performance … was blown out of proportion.” She tells the Sun-Sentinel, “When I saw it, I saw myself as a pathetic, desperate girl wanting to reproduce right now and that’s so not me. If that’s what [ABC] wants to portray me as, fine. I’m having fun with it.” She also sort of backs away from her statement that her eggs are rotting right now, telling the paper, “From my medical background, I know that fertility exponentially declines after 27. My sense of urgency isn’t now, but within the next 10 years.”

Still, she’s turning her new catchphrase into t-shirts that she plans to sell; they’ll say things such as “Let’s Reproduce” and “My Eggs are Rotting.” Why sell shirts like that, other than to make money off her humiliation? She writes on her site, “I would like you take part and wear with pride my new t-shirt with my new slogan to help men understand that the reality for women in her thirties is that the biological clock is ticking. Please wear it with pride.”

I wonder how many patients she has been losing on a daily basis?

source: realityblurred.com
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