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Publicist Denies Denzel's Divorcing.

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Denzel Washington's publicist is angrily denying rumors the movie star is struggling to save his marriage.

The reports have spread following an article in the new issue of tabloid National Enquirer, which alleges Washington and his wife of 22 years, Pauletta, are on the verge of splitting up.

The Enquirer claims Washington has moved out of the couple's Hollywood home following a row about alleged infidelities.

But Washington's publicist Alan Nierob has slammed the story, stating, "There's no truth to it whatsoever."


This is what the National Enquirer said....

Denzel Washington and his wife of 22 years may be headed for trouble — and insiders say it's because of the fear that the Oscar winner is a serial cheater! Sources have told The National Enquirer that 50-year-old Denzel's long-rumored extra-marital activity — particularly rumors of a relationship with pretty actress Sanaa Lathan, 34 — have caused major upheaval in what was once considered one of Hollywood's most rock solid marriages.

Said a friend: "People have speculated about Denzel having affairs for a long time. But I wouldn't be surprised if the recent reports about Sanaa have gotten under his wife Pauletta's skin like nothing else has."

Indeed sources say the couple could be headed for divorce after a furious bust-up that ended in Denzel moving out of the couple's $10 million house in California.
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