Former Ramones drummer, Marky Ramone coming out with line of pasta sauce

“It may sound corny, but I’ve got this pasta sauce coming out called ‘Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce’,” says Ramone.

Being able to market his own brand of sauce holds great sentimental value for the Punk Rocker.

“You see, I made it with my grandpa; he was a chef at 21 Club. I watched him as a little boy, and then when I got older, I lived alone at 18, and so pasta sauce and spaghetti was the cheapest thing around,” says Ramone. “I got really good at making it, and so I am excited I get to share my recipe with others. And I got to do the artwork on bottle, and it’s really cool looking. Soon it will be sold in stores; right now you can only get it online and in restaurants.”

Despite the successful developments, Ramone has had his share of detractors for this latest project.

“People I knew were like, ‘are you kidding me, you’re a DJ not a chef!’ And so I said, ‘why not?’ says Marky. “It always thrilled me to see him, my grandpa, cook. I had always wanted to do it, and so I went for the opportunity. It was new and I like doing new things. I tested the waters first, and people really liked it, so I’m saying ‘hey, if you want more you can have it!’”

Ramone says that he will be donating the earnings from his sauce.

“The charity I am going to send it to will be one that goes to the soldiers coming home from Iraq who need it. And some will go to the families who’ve lost husbands and wives in the war,” says Ramone. “I’ve always said, you don’t have to support the war, but you should always, always, support the troops.”

Despite his busy schedule and submergence in Ramones mythology, Ramone still has his ear on the always evolving punk music scene.

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Edit: You can buy it here at Marky Ramone's website.