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Critics And Fans Unimpressed By Host Chelsea Handler's Racial Humor

People are talking...and they are not saying great things about Chelsea Handler's hosting skills and her off-color racial humor (which seems to center on making fun of black rappers). See what people are saying when you go inside...

If you watch Chelsea's show on E!, you already know that she loves rappers and they love her. And she does really funny interviews. But the MTV VMAs started out with her walking down the hall and being "sexually harassed" by a bunch of black men (mainly rappers) who all wished her well about hosting the show, before smacking her butt. This bit would have worked on her show.....but many found it uncomfortable.

Then after her lackluster monolouge, she "summoned" Rick Ross to whisk her away from the stage...and of course she straddled him. And again, I'm uncomfortable. And I wasn't the only one unimpressed.

The New York Times said of Handler:

"She was among the worst in the show's history — purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor. On her talk show, “Chelsea Lately,” in a smaller setting, her interviews with musicians, rappers in particular, are consistently hilarious and inappropriate. Here, she never looked comfortable, undone by nerves, brittle material and the wattage of those around her."

The Washington Post said:

"...comedian Chelsea Handler declared in her opening monologue, a string of flat punch lines that felt a few degrees below crass. Sample zinger: “It’s time to acknowledge the big black elephant in the room. Where’s Kanye?” Ugh.

Entertainment Weekly was also unimpressed:

"As the live portion of the show began, Handler turned in a moderately funny Gaga sendup, appearing amid red-lycra-clad dancers wearing a dollhouse on her head. Though, again, it felt a little like Host the VMAs Paint-by-Numbers — Gaga’s both the easiest and the lamest (not to mention the most willing) target around. Her monologue then brought us typical crowd-pleasers like drinking and drug references like, “That’s the last time I do a prayer circle with Snoop Dogg.” There were herpes digs at the cast of the Jersey Shore, and a mention of “that series of duets released by that Russian woman featuring Mel Gibson — those were cute.” The obligatory Kanye nod — calling him “the big black elephant in the room” — was equally edgy-but-boring. There was even use of the word “vagina” for good measure (as in, “imagine how good [Justin Bieber's] music will be when he sees a vagina”)."

AOL TV said:

"Handler was giddy and game for a good time throughout the night, but most of her skits fell flat: She jumped in the hot tub with the 'Jersey Shore' cast (heels and all) and exited with a tired joke in the form of a faux baby bump. She addressed last year's West-Swift debacle by warning off stage crashers with a stupid self-defense demonstration. She filmed a running skit with Ke$ha about a VMA meet and greet. And she made an unfortunate joke about riding home on the face of the hot werewolf from 'True Blood.' "


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