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Kid Rock and an Awful Waffle

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Cowboy hat. Scraggly beard. Hit songs. Hot girlfriends. Bad-boy persona. We're not sure how they did it, but somehow an Atlanta court has found a jury of Kid Rock's peers.
The dozen jurors were seated today to determine whether the the "Cocky" crooner may have made the wrong kind of hit—on top of some other dude's head.
The 39-year-old musician (real name Robert Ritchie) is on the business end of a civil suit filed by a former music promoter who claims he was roughed up by the "American Bad Ass" singer a Waffle House back in 2007.
The Kid already pleaded guilty last March to misdemeanor battery, and was sentenced to a year of probation and anger-management classes, which resolved the criminal case against him.
Today, he was in DeKalb County Court for the civil trial.
According to a consolidated pre-trial order released Tuesday and obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ritchie indicated he was simply trying to keep the peace between a member of his five-person crew and plaintiff  Harlan Akins.
Akins is seeking monetary damages from Rock.
Surveillance video shows Rock's posse hitting the promoter, breaking his cell phone and a Waffle House window.
Rock has claimed self-defense, saying he threw a chair through the window to parry the plaintiff, who "purposely punched his fist through a large plate glass window in an attempt to attack" Rock.
Now we'll just have to see how his peers come down on that.

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