Partna let me DOWNGRADE ya!

Are Eva Pigford Marcille and Flo Rida a Couple?

Flo Rida posted this twitpic of himself all hugged up on Eva at the VMA's last night. Rumors have been swirling for months about the two but neither has come forward to actually claim the other. After Necole Bitchie posted the pic on her blog "outting" them Eva then took to her twitter to deny: "it was simply a picture, nothing more."

So Necole Bitchie ran up in her comment section to clarify why she still posted the picture after Eva's denial:

For the record, if i didn’t think it was true then i wouldn’t have posted it. This is not Media Take Out. They were both hugging and kissing in MIA and then again in LA (in front of journalists and media at a junket at that). She also accompanied him to Europe on his tour. I never mentioned that because since there was no photos I assumed they didn’t want anyone to write about it (even though US Magazine put it out there that they were a couple 3-4 months ago). Anyway, if they didn’t post a photo for all of their hundreds and thousands of followers to see then the story definitely wouldn’t have been on my website.

She’s a Gorgeous chick and I will say this: what constitutes an upgrade/downgrade? I asked before because to my knowledge Flo Rida is huge on the crossover/pop scene and overseas. If you are going by physical appearance then you may have an argument..

So let's see if Eva is making a wise choice:

Lance Gross:

28 years old
Fine as hell
College educated
Decent career
Good potential husband/father material
Maybe part of the Tyler Perry inner boy toy circle

Flo Rida

31 years old
Ring tone $$$$$$$
Slept with Brandy
Made it out of the projects?

GURL NO!! He may have some good dick (LOL he might!) and that ringtone money is cool but GET REAL. Lance is HUSBAND material, Flo is "let him fly me and my girls to M-I-A for the weekend so we can ball out and party" material. Stop before you piss Lance off and he don't want you back. Unless he's gay then well, go head and do what you gotta do, girl. I ain't even mad.

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