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SUPERMODEL Carolyn Murphy, the face of Estée Lauder, had her ex-husband arrested on extortion charges after he tried to sell the graphic sex tape they made on their 17-day honeymoon in Barbados.

Jake Schroeder, a surfer dude with a history of drug abuse, was thrown behind bars in California last Thursday and released on Tuesday after his bail was reduced from $500,000 to $33,000, which was paid by Internet Commerce Group, the company trying to market the two-hour video.

Schroeder, father of Murphy's daughter, Dylan, 5, was in San Jose yesterday living in his car with two dogs. "He's essentially homeless. He called this morning and asked if we could find him an apartment," said David Gingras, a lawyer for ICG. "I told him if he's arrested for anything else, even jaywalking, we're not bailing him out."

The slacker was in a courtroom outside Lake Tahoe last week for a hearing on earlier charges he had bounced checks, when Police Detective David Hunt placed him under arrest on the extortion charge.

On Friday, Hunt led a squad of Phoenix, Ariz., cops to the offices of ICG to execute a search warrant. The officers left with the original camcorder videotape of his honeymoon with Murphy, plus a file marked "Jake Schroeder" containing correspondence and a copy of his contract with ICG.

"Our position is that no crime has been committed," Gingras told PAGE SIX. "You cannot commit extortion by offering to sell something you own.

"Rather than risking a battle in civil court, where she might lose and see the tape released, Carolyn has decided to simply fabricate a false extortion claim against Schroeder," Gingras said. He questioned the tactics of Marty Singer, the lawyer for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl. "It's like he pulled out a gun in a boxing match."

Gingras said that once the extortion charge against Schroeder is dismissed, he plans to sue Murphy, Singer, "and anyone else who assisted in commencing the sham criminal charges." Singer did not return calls.

Murphy said, "Of course I don't want the tape to come out. It is private and intimate moments from my honeymoon with a man I thought I could trust. It has turned out I was completely wrong." A friend of hers said, "She made the mistake of marrying this loser, and he's been making her life miserable ever since."

Source: New York Post - Page Six
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