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"Three Jackson Lawsuits in One" from YahooNews

Michael Jackson has been accused, at various times in his career, of molesting children, breaking contracts and stealing songs. Rarely, if ever, has he been accused of doing all three at once.
Now a recent lawsuit hits the trifecta, alleging the pop star sexually abused a boy in the 1980s and 1990s, lifted lyrics and melodies from the child, who was as young as 2 at the time of the reputed plagiarism, and reneged on a deal to pay for the songs.
Perhaps making the lawsuit at least a quadfecta, Jackson, 47, is also accused of burning, beating, and torturing the then-child, and forcing him to undergo "unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures."
"I've got photos of my client with these red lips just like you see on Mr. Jackson, and a big old cleft on his chin which he didn't have previously," Michael Mattern, an attorney for the alleged victim, who's now 20, told London's Guardian.

The lawsuit, filed by Daniel Kapone, according to Los Angeles' City News Service, comes complete with details of the alleged molestation: The masturbation, the tongue being stuck down the throat, the anal penetration "by force." (A copy of the lawsuit was posted Thursday at TMZ.com.)
According to the lawsuit, Jackson's accuser was exploited by the entertainer from 1987 until 1999, when Kapone was 14. The allegedly stolen songs were featured on at least four Jackson albums, it says, beginning with 1987's Bad, which was released when Kapone was 2. The complaint does not say which tracks Jackson allegedly plagiarized from the then-toddler.
The lawsuit, seeking unspecified damages from Jackson, his production company and his record label, was originally filed in Orange County, California, in July, reports said. The New York Post smoked it out in Monday's edition, speculating that the complaint was able to avoid making headlines for so long because the first version was "handwritten, paper-thin" and "included no details, or even a lawyer representing the plaintiff."
A beefed-up version of the lawsuit was registered with the court in October. The 22-page complaint does not lack for details, citing numerous alleged transgressions, ranging from child molestation to breach of contract to the trampling of civil rights. In the latter instance, Jackson is accused of hurling anti-Semitic insults at Kapone, who is said to be Jewish.
A call seeking comment from Jackson's spokeswoman was not returned Thursday. Attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr., who successfully defended the singer from criminal molestation charges last year, told TMZ.com that the accusations in the lawsuit "are ridiculous on their face," and that they "will be vigorously defended."
According to the Post, authorities in Santa Barbara County, California, who put Jackson on trial for allegedly molesting a Los Angeles teen, knew of Kapone's allegations, but "didn't believe his story would stand up in court."
A hearing on the lawsuit has been scheduled for Feb. 14, CNS said.

I've bolded the best parts.
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