Faptastic Isaiah Mustafa post (6 items).

Item #1: "[Mustafa] to visit Edmonton [CANADA!?!]"

You can’t look like him, but you can party with him

Sandra Sperounes | September 9, 2010

Hello ladies ... want to party with the man your man could smell like? The Old Spice guy, also known as actor Isaiah Mustafa, wants Edmonton to smell, and party, better.

He’ll be appearing Saturday, Sept. 25 at Vinyl Edmonton, 10740 Jasper Ave. Ticket info has yet to be announced.

Mustafa, a former football player, is now a TV and Internet star, thanks to Old Spice’s cheeky, one-take commercials — starring his rippling abs and incredulous scenarios.


Item #2: Cosmopolitan.com: "What Guys Wish You Knew" with Isaiah Mustafa.

July 26, 2010 | by Zoë Ruderman

Isaiah Mustafa, aka The Old Spice Guy aka The Man Your Man Could Smell Like aka The Face of the Best Commercial Out There Right Now aka The Man We All Want to Date, stopped by the Cosmo Radio studio recently and revealed himself. Unfortunately, we're speaking figuratively.

We asked Isaiah to share the things men wish women knew. And he had a lot to say on the topic, including what to do right before sex and the shoes guys never want to see on you. Take notes, ladies.

By the way, Isaiah really is as sweet as he seems in his commercials and this video. In fact, after meeting this Cosmo editor, he took the time to shoot a personalized video. Cue the weak knees. (SOURCE)

Okay, I felt like I would've laughed more if I didn't hate Cosmo on principle. Side-eying the whole Obnoxiously Cosmo-esque Answers™ for Obnoxiously Cosmo-esque Questions™ set up, but I'll get over it, recognizing that it's partly tongue-in-cheek.  I admit to hating wedge/clog shoes and at least agree with the second part of his answer about how to effectively wear perfume (yes, DO only walk into the mist, people).But we dont HAVE to wear heels. We simply CHOOSE to wear Mary Jane heels in bed with Isaiah, while relentlessly hitting it.

Item #3: Evolve TV interview: Isaiah Mustafa's To 5 Gadgets.

Isaiah Mustafa delivers babies with his iPhone. Your argument is invalid.

Item #4: photo of Isaiah @ Ne-Yo's "Champagne Life" shindig

Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa attends Champagne Life for the Moet Rose Lounge at MF Sushi Buckhead on September 1, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (SOURCE)
You can view more shots of fierce black people posing with Moet bottles here @ DayLife.

Item #5: Isaiah on his Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Face (No, literally. Video's from an old charity poker event, etc.).

August 04, 2010 | Madelyn Burke -- Isaiah Mustafa may be more famed for his commercials with Old Spice than his breif NFL career. I caught up with him before a Power Balance Poker Event in Hollywood:


Ummm. Adorable.

Item #6: Jon Hamm + Mr. Mustafa standing around, being GQ.

via Top Idol Blog:
[A few weeks back] in Hollywood, the Creative Arts Emmys (i.e., the ones they don’t air on TV and takes place a week before but is often better than lame live-broadcast shit), the Flying Spaghetti Monster smiled upon us all. Actually, FSM answered my prayer! Because Jon Hamm was spotted with OLD SPICE GUY Isaiah Mustafa!

My prayers were answered. I said I wanted Jon Hamm + Isaiah Mustafa together in some capacity. Know why they’re standing outside? Because closed spaces cannot contain the dashing handsomity of Hamm & Mustafa standing beside one another. It’s like the splitting the damned atom of awesomeness. IT IS TOO POTENT TO BE CONTAINED. (SOURCE)
There is not enough K-Y 2-in-1 warming touch massage oil in the *world* for the feelings that cover the epic-ness of this photo.

On a far more serious note, I would REALLY like more details about the Tyler Perry movie he's doing. The only development I've heard about it since the last post is that Bow Wow's also in it. FML.