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Top earning young celebs

FROM Paris Hilton to Serena Williams, meet this year's youngest money-makers.

Sure, Mary-Kate Olsen struggled with an eating disorder. And yeah, Lindsay Lohan has dipped into a drug or two. But not all young stars are troubled despite what the tabloids would have you believe.

But all young superstars do have one thing in common: money, and lots of it.

In fact, according to Forbes' annual listing of the World's Most Powerful Celebrities, the 11 youngsters on our list earned some $127 million in just one year. And not one of them has even cracked the quarter-century mark yet.


Amanda Bynes

Age: 19
Occupation: Actress
Earnings: $1.5 million
$1.7 Canadian
800,000 pounds
$2 million Australian
66.5 million rupees

A recent high school grad, Bynes continues to entertain fans as 16-year-old Holly on her WB prime-time sitcom, What I Like About You. With several movies behind her and at least one more, She's the Man, under way, the slender star is certainly one to watch.


Hilary Duff

Age: 18
Occupation: Actor/singer
Earnings: $15 million
$17.5 million Canadian
8.5 million pounds
$20 million Australian
665.1 million rupees

Long gone is little Lizzie McGuire. The once-girlish figure has transformed into a super-thin and stylish star nearly overnight. Singing, acting and plugging her clothing and cosmetic line, Duff continues to wow the tween market.


Paris Hilton

Age: 24
Occupation: Personality
Earnings: $6.5 million
$7.6 million Canadian
3.7 million pounds
$8.7 million Australian
288.2 million rupees

Whether it's her peculiar pet collection or her famed feuds, the Hilton heiress is nothing if not talented tabloid-fodder. Of course, between her reality-TV experience, her best-selling novel and her own perfume, the 24-year-old isn't too shabby at making money either.


LeBron James

Age: 21
Occupation: Athlete
Earnings: $22.9 million
$26.7 million Canadian
12.9 million pounds
$30.5 million Australian
1.015 billion rupees

Despite his top-notch performance, the young phenom was unable to carry his Cleveland Cavaliers into the playoffs last season. But it wasn't simply James' on-court activities that made headlines this year--the former NBA Rookie of the Year fired his agent, Aaron Goodwin, who had negotiated multimillion-dollar endorsement deals with Nike, Upper Deck and Coca-Cola.


Adriana Lima

Age: 24
Occupation: Model
Earnings: $4.5 million
$5.2 million Canadian
2.5 million pounds
$6.0 million Australian
199.5 million rupees

Her name may not be recognizable, but the Brazilian supermodel's beauty is unforgettable. Following in the footsteps of fellow Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, the leggy 24-year-old beauty has sashayed her way into stardom, repping Victoria's Secret, Maybelline and Telecom Italia Mobile.


Lindsay Lohan

Age: 19
Occupation: Actor/singer
Earnings: $11 million
$12.8 million Canadian
6.2 million pounds
$14.6 million Australian
487.7 million rupees

The redhead-turned-blonde (and then brunette) has certainly given the tabloids something to talk about this year. But despite her battles with bulimia, booze, boys and drugs, the Herbie: Fully Loaded star is doing fine at the bank.


Frankie Muniz

Age: 20
Occupation: Actor
Earnings: $8 million
$9.3 million Canadian
4.5 million pounds
$10.7 million Australian
354.7 million rupees Next up for young master Muniz: Stay Alive, a horror film scheduled to hit theaters later this year. And if the flick's a flop, no worries; the star always has his hit sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle, to fall back on.


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Age: 19
Occupation: Actresses
Earnings: $21 million
$24.5 million Canadian
11.9 million pounds
$28 million Australian
931.1 million rupees

Few will argue that the twin starlets have come a long way since their breakout role as Michelle Tanner on the long-running sitcom Full House. Now it remains to be seen if the fashion-forward duo can make it...on opposite coasts.


Maria Sharapova

Age: 18
Occupation: Athlete
Earnings: $18.2 million
$21.2 million Canadian
10.3 million pounds
$24.2 million Australian
807 million rupees

Practice makes perfect--or at least it makes $18 million and a Wimbledon title. Undeniably the "It" girl of tennis, the 6-foot-tall blonde is the world's best-compensated female athlete.


Ashlee Simpson

Age: 21
Occupation: Singer/Actress
Earnings: $5.3 million
$6.1 million Canadian
3.0 million pounds
$7 million Australian
232.8 million rupees

She was booed during her halftime show at the Orange Bowl and caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live. It wasn't the best of years for Jessica Jr., also known as Ashlee Simpson. But even with all of the bad, Simpson was able to follow up her chart-topping Autobiography album with another record and a movie, Undiscovered.


Serena Williams

Age: 24
Occupation: Athlete
Earnings: $12.7 million
$14.8 million Canadian
7.2 million pounds
$16.9 million Australian
563.1 million rupees

Between her showy jewelry and her flashy outfits, the 24-year-old tennis phenom keeps tennis interesting. And as if her seven Grand Slam titles weren't enough, Venus' younger sister has a clothing line, a book and the beginning of an acting career to keep her occupied.

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