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NY Daily News Open Letter to Jennifer Aniston

Open letter to Jennifer Aniston

Dear Jen:
Oh darling girl. We feel your pain. All those rumors after the breakup about him wanting babies and you not wanting babies. All those denials. All those interviews and tears shed on national television. And now this. Are you doing okay? Hope so.

In the spirit of getting over it and looking to the future, here are a few things to keep in mind when dwelling on the Jolie-Pitt pregnancy that'll be splashed across every celeb mag and tabloid for months to come.

It could be a lot worse:

Brad could have knocked up someone truly scary like Courtney Love or Anna Nicole Smith. Imagine. Instead, you lost out to one of the world's most beautiful women. Not shabby company.

You're maybe/possibly/perhaps dating a new guy. Vince Vaughn is nothing to sneeze at. And he's a movie star. Sure, he's no Brad P… Oops, Sorry. But c'mon - he's cute and a lot funnier in comedies than the ex.

"Rumor Has It" your career is on the upswing. Then again, "Rumor Has It" the box office is being a little unkind to you, too, at the moment, so lets move on.

Your body rocks! All those hours spent working out have shaped and toned you to perfection. Angelina will soon be wearing muumuus and comfortable shoes while you'll be rocking skin-tight jeans and stilettos.

Oprah loves you. She said so on her show.

And if all else fails: Keep smiling and think of that chunk of change you made making "Friends."

That'll show 'em!

Love, Team Aniston (and all those too nice to side with
Angelina Jolie until the cute baby pictures are published)

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