Aussie movie makes $3.8M in its opening weekend. IS CONSIDERED A COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.

Tomorrow, highest debut ever for all-Australian film.

Tomorrow, When the War Began has debuted at the top of the Australian box office, with $3,862,193 in its first weekend and a screen average of $11,293.

Although officially it’s the third biggest opening for an Australian film behind Happy Feet and Australia, it is the highest debut for a project not financed by US studios.

Including previews, the film has earned $3,898,547. It is already the fourth highest grossing local film of the year, behind Bran Nue Dae, The Kings of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2 and Animal Kingdom, and it is likely to overtake all of them during its theatrical run.

In New Zealand, it earned NZD$358,653 and is the second best opening for an Australian film, behind Happy Feet.

Tomorrow, When the War Began was written and directed by Stuart Beattie, from the popular John Marsden series. It is distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by Omnilab Media’s Ambience Entertainment.

“We are particularly pleased with the strong regional and country results to go with the excellent figures in metro and city areas and we are looking forward to the word of mouth reaching out to all audiences and strong results right through into the school holidays to help set up the franchise,” said Paramount MD Mike Selwyn.


Breakdown for non-Aussies:
- The "Tomorrow..." series is about a group of teenagers camping in the middle of nowhere who come home to find that Australia has been invaded by forces from an unnamed country.
- The books are one of the most popular Australian series of all time and are part of the English curriculum for schools around the country.
- The Australian screen writer/director was also the screenwriter for the Pirates of the Caribbean films, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Australia and Collateral.
- TWTWB stars people who have been in Neighbours, Home & Away and Wendy from Peter Pan (doing an decent Aussie accent).

Has anyone seen it yet? Bar the intrusive soundtrack and the actor who played Chris (who was absolutely shithouse), I really liked it!
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